Steel Downspouts and Elbows

Highly functional rain carrying systems must be durable, attractive and have the ability to handle water flow capacity. In order to effectively control water as it is drawn away from your home and your foundation, EMCO introduced a 3 in. square downspout and elbow called the Superspoutâ„¢. The Superspout is stronger because of its rigid square design. Unlike ordinary downspouts, moving water is swirled like a cyclone, which allows debris in your gutters to be more easily removed. This greatly reduces clogging in the downspout and increases water flow by a minimum of 50%.

Available Colors

Note: Colors are available for special order only.


Product Features

  • Rigid 3 in. square downspout and elbow design is stronger and more than doubles the water flow.
  • Fade-resistant Kynar 500®, Hylar 5000® paint finish.
  • Paint finish has a PTFE coating that improves scratch-resistance and cleanability on the wall and makes the coil perform better in the brake and in the roll-forming process.
  • Rich, true color for long-lasting beauty.
  • Our exterior accessories are color-coordinated with all our products and offer the most attractive and functional system on the market today.
  • Best warranty on the market
When it comes to Aluminum Architectural coatings, Astronauts trust only the best
  • Superior UV resistance, IR radiation reflectance and energy performance ratings
  • Improved scratch, scuff, impact, chip, and blowing sand resistance
  • Environmentally friendly formulation for all known life forms
  • Long term extreme weather and harsh environment performance *

*Based on Earth bound laboratory testing. Mars / Mare Tyrrhenum exposure data pending.

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