Steel Soffit Panels

EMCO Building Products offers a variety of soffit panels, including multiple vented styles that promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keep attics cool and dry. Our panels work effectively to optimize the home’s breathability and ultimately reduce energy costs.

16 in. Solid Soffit Panel: Maintenance-free.
16 in. Center Vented Soffit Panel: Optimal ventilation.

Note: to determine the correct amount of ventilation, you will need to calculate the required Net Free Air (NFA). This is the open area for air to pass through venting products. Optimal ventilation can be strategically controlled by alternating solid and vented soffit panels coupled with exhaust products.

Available Colors

*10-foot and custom-length steel soffit panels are available in solid and blended colors by special order only. Minimums apply.

Product Features

  • Choose colors that contrast or coordinate – EMCO Building Products steel soffit panels are available in all steel siding colors.
  • Available in 10 ft lengths to make for easier and more efficient handling and hauling
  • Made from USA-made 28 ga single sourced steel.
  • Fade-resistant – Kynar 500®, Hylar 5000® paint finish.
  • Paint finish has a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating that improves scratch-resistance and cleanability on the wall and makes the coil perform better in the brake and in the roll-forming process.
  • Rich, true color for long-lasting beauty.
  • Our exterior accessories are color-coordinated with all our products and offer the most attractive and functional system on the market today.
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